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Almost a Hero v1.6.1 FULL Apk Download – Role-playing game with elements of the clicker, the gameplay of which is built according to the usual pattern, tapping on the screen earn points and money, and then use the values ​​spent on the development of the characters. Yes, the very idea of ​​the game is not new, but the implementation deserves attention.

Hilarious “simulator tapa” in which a gamer will get a parody of a team of valorous heroes. They are completely unsuitable for such activities, but total fearlessness (read stupidity) pushes them to seek adventure and great achievements (to read death and even more terrible death). So the players have to sweat before they can create from them at least something worthwhile, well, unless of course they will not disappear before.

The main characters of Almost a Hero are nine heroes who have not achieved anything in life, and to be honest our characters were extremely unlucky. However, when they come together, they decide to become the best wars of fairy-tale lands. Do they get it? It all depends on you, because it is in your hands the fate of our unlucky characters.

In Almost a Hero, the usual game mechanics is combined with a sea of ​​humor and dozens of funny situations in which you will visit together with nine characters.

Almost a Hero v1.6.1 FULL Apk Download

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