Grow Empire: Rome v1.2.4 FULL APK Download

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Grow Empire: Rome v1.2.4 FULL APK Download – In this game you will play for Caesar, who dreams of conquering all the civilizations of Europe. At your disposal will be a huge number of troops, including archers, cavalry and siege buildings. Turn a small republic into the heart of Europe with the most powerful army! You will be able to build and improve more than 1000 different buildings that will help you reach your goal!

Grow Empire: Rome is a strategy that offers players something really new, different from everything that mobile platforms have seen before. Gamers will become Caesar – an extraordinary person with ambitions and opportunities to achieve them. War and destruction are waiting for all who will not submit to the will of Rome, but no one is going to just give up and have to work hard to fulfill all the tasks and create a powerful empire.


  • 1400 waves to survive.
  • 100 cities to conquer
  • 1000 building improvements
  • 35 Roman troops
  • 4 enemy factions
  • 4 hero with unique skills
  • Siege weapons and war elephants

Grow Empire: Rome v1.2.4 FULL APK Download

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Grow Empire: Rome v1.2.4 FULL APK